A Blog About Nothing…

Well, I have meant to write this blog post since, um October. Somehow I have put it off until now. But, it is finally getting done. Maybe it’s because I have been cooped up in the dorms all day and I am going a little stir crazy. Or, maybe I am finally inspired–at least a little bit. (Let’s go with option B.)

So, what’s this blog about? Well that’s a really fantastic question, and when I know, I will let you know too. The best way that I can describe it right now is that this is a blog about nothing. Yea, that’s right nothing. Doesn’t make sense to you? Apparently you never watched Seinfeld.

Let me fill you in:

Make sense now? I think it just might work.

Peace and Blessings


4 responses to “A Blog About Nothing…

  1. YEAH! Finally a post! Cheers to a new blog!

  2. Thank you. You can go on to your regularly scheduled programming now. Just keep up the good work.

  3. I’m totally inspired! I love reading your work!

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