Happy Valentine’s Day

I know that I have made you wait all weekend to see the finished product of my gumball experience. Calm it down little tweety bird, as promised, I am about to divulge my top-secret plan. Well….it was top-secret until everyone in my hall could hear a certain power tool making loud noises as it drilled through gumballs. That’s right folks, I am about to explain what was with those silly gumballs.

I have some pretty sweet ladies in my life. As we got closer to Valentine’s Day (or Singles Awareness Day as it has been called excessively today) it seemed like so many of these ladies were completely dreading this Hallmark holiday. So, because I feel so blessed to have them in my life, I wanted to do something to brighten up their day.

I decided to make a more modern version of candy bracelets. It was simple, all I needed was gumballs, lots of ribbon, a large needle, and a drill press (kind of optional…but for safety sake needed). My kind boss, whose blog you can check out here, found this tutorial, that I altered just a bit to speed up the process.

I made about 45 pretty bracelets for my favorite ladies.

My four favorite bracelets from the batch.

I also made small vintage inspire cards to go with the bracelets.

One superb model decided to show off her bracelet at work today.


My favorite picture of the day.

And that my friends…is what I made. Simple, cute, and not too expensive all things considered. I would definitely suggest bypassing the metal skewers and using something with a little more force (like a drill press).

On a complete side note, our workouts started this morning. I am already sore, I am so not looking forward to what soreness tomorrow is going to bring.

Peace and Blessings


One response to “Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. Yes! So stinking adorable!

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