Long Over Due…

Well, Spring Break might have been 3 weeks ago, but this is honestly the first chance that I have gotten to think about everything that happened that week. There is absolutely no one in the lobby tonight, I am sort of caught up on homework, and I am pretty sure that this is absolutely the perfect time to tell you all about what stuck out most to me.

A group of fellow students and I headed just outside Nashville, TN to Shelbyville (or Shellville if you are a Tennessee Resident) for a short missions trip. None of us really knew what we would be doing, or where we were going, but we did know that it would be awesome.

I will be honest; I really didn’t know what this trip was going to hold, and I was so not a fan. We had a blast playing in Nashville on Sunday; when Monday arrived the real work started.

When we were debriefed we found out that we would be helping an elderly gentleman clean up his property. I was in charge of playing with his dog, among other things.  Now this wasn’t just any dog. Oh no, it was a HUGE Husky. And when I say huge, I am not kidding, that dog was bigger than I am and super fluffy (and awesome).

Even better, his name is Tito.

While Tito was stinkin’ awesome and whole lot of fun, his owner was even cooler.

Meet, Mr. Womack:

Mr. Womack is one of the coolest people I have ever met. He is a World War II vet, a true family man, and..get this…an extreme sportsman. For his 80th birthday, he went water skiing, but thought he was lame because he had to use two skis (funny, because I can’t ski on any skis). His stories were amazing. Like how he was in Hawaii during Pearl Harbor.

He had so many stories, and not enough time to tell me. However, he did mention that he would love someone to help him write out those stories. This is one area that I can definitely help with, and I think I just might do that.

Mr. Womack’s passion for life and the people that he meets was really inspiring. Even through his circumstances, whether it be the passing of his wife or finding out he has cancer, he is still joyous through it all. He taught me that even though there are rough times, life can still be great, it just depends on your outlook.

I’m hoping to help Mr. Womack with writing the story of his life, starting tonight. I am sending him a letter to talk to him about it!

Only 25 more days till school is out!

Peace and Blessings

Hebrews 12:7–Your discipline is to endure..


3 responses to “Long Over Due…

  1. I love how you wrote this story!

  2. grandma rogers

    I’m proud of you. I’m sure he will be grateful for your help. grandma

  3. Liked your blog. Do it. Contact him. Write the stories. When I was in High School I met a man who had been the pianist for the Berlin Opera in the 30s and 40s. Hitler took away the musican deferments in 1944 and he was drafted into the German army. The first day on the eastern front he was captured by the Russians and spent until 1948 in a Soviet prision. He was a composer and wrote tons of music. He showed me his compositions he had written while in prision and played some of them for me. I was wanting to do just what you want to do. Moreover, I wanted to get copies of his music so I could perform them. However, I never got up the courage to make that request. While I was living in Mexico as a missionary, he died and I was never able to find out what was done with all his music. It has been a huge regret of mine ever since. So go for it. If he lets you, you will never be sorry. Great blog. Glad you had a great missions trip. Love, your old pastor.

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