To My Dad…

In honor of it being Father’s Day. I compiled a list of the 20 greatest things my Dad has taught my in my 21 years of life. Here they are:

  1. Life isn’t fair.
  2. Money isn’t everything, but it is still needed to live.
  3. It’s better to be yourself than to be who everyone else wants you to be.
  4. Life is more about the little things.
  5. The world is bigger than 1 town.
  6. Going to church every Sunday doesn’t get you to heaven.
  7. Getting an education is important.
  8. Screw me once shame on you; screw me twice shame on me.
  9. Work isn’t supposed to be happy fun time (Ok…that one might have been Red Foreman…)
  10. I can do anything I set my mind to.
  11. When my dad doesn’t like a guy, there is probably a good reason why.
  12. A positive attitude can help any situation.
  13. Classic rock is some of the best music ever.
  14. A healthy lifestyle is key.
  15. Don’t take life to seriously.
  16. Take time for yourself.
  17. Better to do something well the first time around.
  18. How to fold laundry (I am still not that great)
  19. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  20. How to raise my own kids someday (with the help of my mom of course).
Thank you so much for being such an awesome dad all these years. You have taught me so many things besides these, and they have all helped me become who I am today. Love you so much, Dad.
Peace and Blessings.

2 responses to “To My Dad…

  1. What a sweet tribute to your dad!

  2. The fact that you thought to write this is a tibute to what great parents you have Meg. Thanks for sharing these thoughts! Love you Lots! Aunt Carol 🙂

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