A Challenge To Myself….

It’s been awhile, so much has changed in the last six months of my life.

I graduated. I got a job. I moved. I grew up just a little bit.

Recently for work I have been reading On Becoming  A Leader by Warren Bennis. In the last section I read, I found this quote: “Writing is the most profound way of codifying your thoughts, the best way of learning from yourself who you are and what you believe (pg. 45).” I couldn’t agree more.

After reading that, and thinking about it for several weeks, I finally came to a realization. I miss writing. A lot.

So, I have developed a challenge/goal/whatever  for myself. Are you ready for this? Are you sure? Ok…here it is…

I am going to write every day for one year. Yup, that’s 365 posts in 365 days (good thing it isn’t a leap year…)

You are probably asking yourself, “what’s the point?” Well, I have a few, let me tell ya. I want to regain my love for writing. To have a little fun. And, maybe, but just maybe, learn a little something about myself.

I am by no means saying this will be some profound experience for anyone except me. But, I think it will be an experience none the less.

So, the rules:

  1. Don’t talk about fight club!? Just Kidding…
  2. By October 17, 2013 I will write 365 different posts on varying topics (this is a blog about nothing if you will recall).
  3. Since some days may be a tad bit busy, I can make up posts if I need to (no point in stressing myself out).
  4. Other than that, I guess there really aren’t any.

So, here it goes.

Welcome back to a blog about nothing and everything.

Peace and Blessings

Days to go: 364


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