There’s Nothing Like A Cupcake…

Especially Funfetti cupcakes.

There is something about those colorful little chips that make a basic vanilla cupcake that much sweeter. Maybe it is because those chips are pieces of pure sugar; but seriously, Funfetti is the way to go.

My brother came to visit me this weekend, which meant a few things: lots of laughs, good conversations, and good food. 

We went to the game, explored campus, and took a trip to the square (some day I will give you  a Kirksville tour). But, our day needed something. 

We searched Hy-Vee high and low for a solution. What did we decide on? Funfetti cupcakes.

They are in the oven right now. And let me tell you, they smell pretty amazing. 

All of this baking has made me realize something else. I miss decorating cakes. Time to start practicing I guess. 

Well, it’s time for a snack. Don’t worry I’ll eat one for you.

Peace and Blessings.

Days To Go: 361


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