Literally Nada…

And that’s okay with me. 

Today was one of those days where not much happened.

I slept in, which is a rare occurrence. And, when I finally got my brother to wake up, I took him to my favorite Kirksville restaurant. We took a drive to 1000 Hills. And then…nothing. 

Since our little drive, all I have done is relaxed. I have sat in my apartment and knit, and watched movies, and chilled. It has been one of those days where no plans turned out to be the best plans. 

I am thankful for days like today. Days when I can finally take a break from my very busy life. Days when my phone can ring and I don’t have to answer. Days when I can not worry about responding to emails. And days when I can open my windows and watch the leaves fall. 

Days like today remind me that it is okay to slow life down a little bit. To enjoy the leaves changing colors. To take a breather and just relax. To think. To laugh. To write. 

My night will most likely follow suite. At least I hope so. I am kind of reveling in the fact that I actually got a day of nothing. Far too often a day of nothing turns into a day of lots of things. But, I do believe that a cup of hot tea, a movie, and my knitting needles are calling my name.

Here’s to another day of nothing (hopefully it finds me soon).

Peace and Blessings

Days to go: 360


One response to “Literally Nada…

  1. That was good. Told ya sometimes doing nothing is the best!

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