Dear Kirksville Weather…

Make up you mind already.

Please. Either be Fall, or don’t be Fall. Either way, stop being such a tease. Yup, I just went there. I, Megan, just called the weather a tease.

Seriously though, last week was freezing. So cold that I turned on the building heat on in C-Hall.

So far this week? Yesterday was one of those nearly perfect weather days that only happens once in a blue moon. Today has been so humid and dreary. And tomorrow? It is supposed to be 82 degrees.

But let’s not forget this weekend. Saturday is calling for a high of 49.

What is going on mother nature? Are you in some bi-polar funk and taking it out on all of us?

All I want is some consistency. And while I prefer that the consistency come in the form of fall weather, I am not going to complain either way. 

In all honesty, I am so ready for fall. Especially since I no longer live somewhere where raking leaves is my afternoon job. I am ready for boots. And scarves. And pumpkin everything. And really pretty leaves.

The leaves have actually already made there debut. I really want to head back to 1000 Hills this weekend and take some pictures. The trees really are beautiful. 

For now I will prepare to sleep in a hot apartment and plan to wear spring clothes instead of the sweater I had planned for tomorrow.

Fall will be here soon enough after all. And then will come winter all too soon.

Peace and Blessings

Days To Go: 358


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