A Familiar Face…

Sometimes you have a pretty good day. And sometimes, those pretty good days are turned into great days because you see a familiar face.

That basically sums up my day. Well, mostly. 

My morning was a bit hectic. I couldn’t seem to catch a break, or get anything done.

But, right after lunch I had a much needed Skype date with one of my closest friends. 

Today, I got to see Harry. We have known each other for the past 5 years and have so many great memories together.

Right after I moved to Kirksville, Harry moved too. But not just across the state…across the country. He lives two whole time zones away, which means lots of clarification when setting up times to talk.

But, when we finally do, I am reminded why we are friends. We can immediately pick up where we left off. It is kind of like we are just talking across campus, just in two very different offices.

Harry did a good job of reminding me of a lot of things today, even though I don’t think he realizes he did so. He reminded me that lots of people are in new places, and that adjustments aren’t only hard for me. He  also reminded me that even though friendships might look different, they are still there. And that transition takes time…and lots of it.

I am so thankful for the friendships I have, I am creating, and that will come. Life without friends would just be boring. 

So, even though he is almost 2000 miles away, I appreciate that we are still able to laugh and talk like the good old days. 

Peace and Blessings

Days To Go: 357


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