Happy Halloween…

Today has been a pretty fabulous day. At least the past 3 hours have been.

The morning didn’t start off with anything special. No costume. No crazy makeup. I did get slightly festive and wear an orange shirt, but that’s about as far as it went. I had thought about starting a new ugly Halloween sweater tradition, but it never happened. Maybe next year…

Today when I walked across the quad there were about 100 pumpkins there for people to carve. If only I would have had time. I would have carved to my little heart’s content. But, alas, today was a jam packed day of work things. 

But, this evening made up for it. I got to start my own first Halloween tradition. Granted, most people pass out candy, but I have never gotten to from MY apartment. And so I opened my door, sat in the hall with my staff, and passed out candy to the passerby. And at one point we may have gotten a little silly and changed the Halloween music station to Christmas music, just to see who would notice. (In case you were wondering, only 5 people did.)

And, it was awesome. And precious. And a little scary at times. I saw quite possibly the cutest baby elephant. And the funniest Napoleon Dynamite family. And, altogether, getting to hang out and see the kids warmed my heart a little bit.

Days like today make me excited for future traditions I get to make. Both for this year and in years to come. I also thoroughly enjoy the moments where my staff and I can just chill and have a good time. 

Tomorrow is November 1st, which I haven’t really wrapped my head around. Where did the time go?

Peace and Blessings (And lots of candy..)

Days To Go: 350


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