A Weekend Recap…

A wonderful weekend recap to be exact. 

This weekend was a weekend unlike any of my other recent weekends. Why? Because I took a roadtrip. A roadtrip with only one destination.

I went to St. Louis. Partly because of an event, partly because I desperately needed to see some of my best friends, and partly because I just needed a break. 

And so, Friday afternoon, I packed up my stuff and headed south. And after 3 and a half hours, and promptly visiting the first Target I saw, I was there.

I can’t think of a better to give you snippets of my weekend than photos. Unfortunately I forgot my camera in my apartment. But, Instagram will suffice. 

And so begins my weekend recap:



My first stop was thePerk (the event, not the place silly). thePerk is a 16 year standing tradition at good ol’ MoBap. This year’s mugs were adorable (not to mention the perfect size). I saw lots of old friends, caught up on the recent campus happenings, and had an excellent night out with great people.



On Saturday morning, I got to hang out with my dear friend. While sitting in Starbucks enjoying the new winking snowman Christmas cups, I realized that I had locked my keys in my car. Genius, I know. Once the wonderful AAA man extracted my keys, our adventure continued with a very relaxed morning of shopping and catching up.



Later that afternoon, I got to see my favorite family of redheads. My little best friend, is no longer little. It is crazy what 6 months will do to a growing boy. We watched the basketball game and laughed a lot.

This is where my evening plans became very unclear. Mostly because my hostess, and best friend, had made very secretive plans.



She knows me too well. She took my to The Cup. A lovely cupcake joint in the Central West End. The evening concluded with much needed relaxation time coupled with an excellent conversation.

And then finally today, after a wonderful lunch, I headed home. Waiting, very patiently to open a box. What box?

A box containing this:



No, it isn’t mine yet. A friend is selling it and loaning it to me for a test run. I am ecstatic. I have already started playing around with it. Expect some pictures from that soon.

And there you have it. My weekend, in a very condensed, photo-enhanced blog. It was wonderful to see some old friends and visit some favorite places. But, now it is back to Kirksville. And work. I have a meeting soon. Luckily this isn’t my only adventure for awhile. I am headed out next weekend too. More on that later.

Peace and Blessings

Days To Go: 346 (I now need to make up 3 days of writing)


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