A Case Of The Mondays…

Ever had them? Haven’t we all?

If you think you have never had a case of the Mondays, well you probably just don’t know what they are. This video should clarify for you:

Now, let me explain. Work had nothing to do with my case of the Mondays. Today was just, well it was just a Monday. A Monday after a great weekend to be exact. And because of that, I wanted nothing to do with the work week yet. 

Silly as it is. I really felt like that guy. All I wanted to do was go get some coffee. But, unfortunately (and fortunately at the same time) I had already made myself coffee. So I had no where to go. The coffee ended up making my day just a little bit better, but wasn’t its usual cure for Monday mornings.

 The dreary weather outside didn’t help my case of the Mondays either. The gloominess just made this even more of a Monday.

And so there I sat. In my office. Responding to emails. Answering the phone. Talking to people as the stopped by. 

Now, one would think by 5 p.m. my case of the Mondays would be over. Not so. I think I will literally have to sleep this dreadful case of the Mondays off. 

On a brighter note, I am headed to a conference this weekend with a very excited group of SAs. It ought to make for another excellent weekend.

Peace and Blessings (and hopeful Tuesdays)

Days To Go: 345


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