Not many people seem to know what that means nowadays.

Webster’s Online Dictionary would define tact as follows:

  • a keen sense of what to do or say in order to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense

My grandpa and dad have taught me a much better definition that I would like to share. The definition of of tact is:

  • The ability to tell a man to go to hell, and make feel happy to be on his way.

My dad first told me about tact a long time ago. What I didn’t know at first was my grandpa had actually introduced him to this saying. And I, for one, am glad that he did.

Tact is one characteristic that you don’t hear very often as a descriptor of a person. But, when it gets down to it, tact is just as important (if not more important) as so many of those other characteristics. A person with tact can handle a situation with ease when others find it difficult.

It is characteristics such as tact that I am glad that my grandpa instilled into my parents, so that they could instill them in me. My grandpa new the value of being tactful, hard-working, and honest. And because he valued them, it is apparent in the lives of myself, my brother, and my cousins that these are things that the Swingle family still values.

As I grew up, my parents taught me many life lessons along the way. They are so numerous and prevalent in my life that I don’t think I could name just a few. But, as I sat and thought about those lessons, I realized how many of them my grandpa must have taught them.

As I continued thinking I realized that if I wouldn’t have learned those lessons, I would be living one sorry life. I would be living a life I wouldn’t want to imagine because it would be so unlike the life I currently live.

I am blessed to have a family that raised me right. That instilled good values and characteristics in me starting at a young age.

So, thanks grandpa (and the rest of the Swingle family) for bringing me up right.

I owe ya one.

Peace and Blessings


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