The Search…

I can almost guarantee that it is not what you are thinking it is.

There has been one thing that has been a topic of conversation everyday since I have been home in the Swingle household. You probably think it is what we are thankful for, or work, or life. And yes, all of those things have been discussed. 

But, none of them have been talked about quite as much as…..the Twinkie. Yes, the Twinkie. Not because any of us (except maybe E) are big fans, but because it is an interesting topic. I guess…

The conversation really wasn’t centered around Hostess going out of business, or how much we wanted a Twinkie. Mostly it was centered around this list that gave the top Twinkie references in pop culture. And after much debate, our family decided the list was wrong. The list should have chosen this as the winner (I will warn you there is some language in the video):

Much like Tallahassee, I myself went on a search for Twinkies. And I too came up empty handed; I couldn’t find “los submarinos” anywhere. All I found were snow balls…..and the generic brand of Twinkies, which were purchased. And honestly, they just weren’t that great.

It is times like this, when our family has silly debates over things that don’t matter. Or I go on a pointless hunt for Twinkies that I realize Zombieland has a good point.

We should all just enjoy the little things.

Peace and Blessings 


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