Last week I had the pleasure of going home for the first time in 6 months. Which seems like a really long time, except I had seen the various members of my family sporadically throughout that time.

One thing my mom asked us to do was take some pictures for Christmas cards and what not. I was excited, because that meant that I got to use my new camera.

I got plenty of great pictures of each of family members. But those are not quite as good as the really silly ones that I got of us.

Check them out:






ImageIf you didn’t get a laugh out of those…well I am not sure what’s wrong with you. As you can see, it is definitely the boys who are the jokesters of this family. 

While I love the pictures of us all looking nice and like a happy family…I like these even more. This is the reality of our family; a silly, fun, and often goofy family. And these pictures are so typical of what life is like. And while maybe everything isn’t always perfect, it is always entertaining. And I think that is a pretty cool thing.

Someday maybe I will post some of the “nicer” pictures. But for now, these will have to do.

Peace and Blessings. 



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