We Clean Up Good…

That title makes me cringe a little bit (I think it’s the inner English major coming out…)

But seriously, my family does clean up good.

This week can simply be described by having a complete lack of time for anything. But finally this afternoon I have had a slight change of pace. 

I have spent the afternoon making a delicious snack for the Staff Holiday Party and listening to Christmas music. Which has convinced me that you basically cannot beat Burl Ives when it comes to Christmas Tunes. I mean seriously, he is a classic.

While my dip has been baking I got the chance to edit a few more of my family pictures. And seriously…we look pretty good. I even have a few to share with you all.

ImageMy not-so-little brother.

ImageMy beautiful mom.

ImageMy awesome dad.

ImageAnd me.

And there you have it. My happy, little family. Personally, I still think I like some of the other sillier photos better. But, these are good too.

I am enjoying have a nice, fancy camera. It definitely makes taking pictures a little more fun.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

Peace and Blessings






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