A Total Fail….

Sometimes they happen. 

And tonight? Well, tonight has turned into a general total fail. What started off as a concerted effort to have a productive, enjoyable evening went south in a hurry.

It all started in Walmart. And let’s just say, I had the most interesting hour in Walmart ever. And by the end of it, my jolly attitude, was a little more grinchy. 

But, hey, it was going to get better right? Wrong.

Baking usually perks me right up, so I planned on working on part of the gifts that I want to give people: some simple holiday-esque candies. And when I say simple, I mean all I had to do was put a Hershey kiss on a pretzel, heat it up, and top it off with an m&m. Simple enough? I thought so too… 

This is what was supposed to happen:

Image(Picture found HERE)

And here is I did:

ImageAnd that my friends, is what I call a total Pinterest fail. Talk about kicking a girl while she’s down….

So, after two fairly discouraging experiences within an hour of each other, my motivation is shot. My attempts at baking away my grinch-like attitude have sufficiently failed. So, I am done for the night. 

Hopefully I will regain some motivation (and have more success) tomorrow.

Peace and Blessings (and better luck than me)



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