The Obligatory New Years Post…

Well, it’s 2013…just in case you didn’t know.

The world didn’t end…big shocker I know. 

I also know that I pretty much failed at my goal of writing everyday. And, I have decided to accept that. For awhile I wasn’t really sure what happened. But now I do.

Life happened. Life got in the way. No, I’m not pointing the finger at life and blaming it. But, honestly that’s what happened. 

Things got busy. Things were more important. And I simply ran out of time and motivation.

But, just because life happened, doesn’t mean I want to give up. After much thought, I don’t want to just quit. But, I also don’t want to stress myself out over writing. I think maybe I set my goal to high. Sometimes that happens I guess. And I think sometimes we learn the most when we fail at things.

One thing I have learned over the past six months is that when you start to force yourself to do something, you lose the joy you had in doing it. And I don’t want to lose the joy I feel when I write. That is kind of defeating its purpose I think. 

And so, I will write when I have something to say (and the time). I think I will find more joy in that, rather than racking my brain every day trying to find something to write about, and then being frustrated when I can’t think of anything. 

So, welcome 2013. I have high hopes for you and I am excited to see what you hold. 

Peace and Blessings


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