Continuing The Tradition…

It feels a little strange to be blogging right now considering that it has been months since I have done so. But, this is a tradition I didn’t want to break. I have been sitting here looking for the words and haven’t really found the right ones. So, I am just going to roll with it.

 A little over 50 years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. gave one of the most well spoken, most memorable speeches of our time. Most of us know parts of the speech, especially the ” I have a Dream” part. And after doing this challenge for several years in a row , I think that the thing I remember most about this speech, is the passion that Dr. King had for freedom and civil rights. Which really for me boils down to Dr. King’s obvious PASSION.

Before I go on, I recommend you read the speech and watch it for yourself. After all, what I have to say about it, it really isn’t the point. The point is to read and listen and reflect for yourself.

You can read the whole speech HERE. Once you have done that, take the 17 minutes to watch it (it’s worth it):

Now, I could go into the details of all my reactions and reflections of Dr. King’s speech. But, this whole challenge is about self-reflection. So, this year that’s what I am going to do. It’s different, I know, but I think it’s necessary. For me.

Before I started writing this post I also read my past blogs on this challenge. And let me tell you, it kinda hit in the face (hard). In both posts, but especially last year’s, I talked a lot about feeling the urge to be better, to be more passionate. And now, a year later, I am trying to think of the moments where I was passionate. And sure, I can see days or moments or conversations where my passion for one thing or another really shined through. But, then I think about the other days and moments and conversations where I showed little to no passion. And those instances, it seems, far outweigh the others. 

That sucks, but it’s true. I am struck with the thought that it is so easy to be inspired for a day or a week. And then what happens? It goes away. It fades. Until it completely vanishes and a year later you are sitting at your computer wondering what happened. And no, this isn’t a post about me being a downer on myself. Because honestly, I can’t go back and change those conversations or moments.

The one thing I can do; however, is adjust my future. I have said it before and I will go ahead and say it again. I am passionate–maybe even to a fault. When I believe in something (or someone) I stick to my guns and I invest a lot of time and trust into it. Despite what others might say about that thing or person, I don’t easily give up on them.

So I wonder, if I don’t easily give up (usually) and I care a whole lot, where is my passion going? Why isn’t it at the forefront of my thoughts and actions? And how do I make that change?

None of these questions are easy. I will not have answers today. But, I am also reminded by my past posts that life is a journey. And my journey is really just beginning. So I have time to be passionate. Not time to wait to be passionate, but time to figure out what that looks like for me. 

So in the meantime, here is to making mistakes and just doing me. And letting that be okay.

I hope that you take time to reflect too. To really ponder what Dr. King’s speech means for you. It can be scary and hard to really reflect, trust me, I know. But at the end of the day, I think it can be so worth it.

Peace and Blessings


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