The Obligatory New Years Post…

Well, it’s 2013…just in case you didn’t know.

The world didn’t end…big shocker I know. 

I also know that I pretty much failed at my goal of writing everyday. And, I have decided to accept that. For awhile I wasn’t really sure what happened. But now I do.

Life happened. Life got in the way. No, I’m not pointing the finger at life and blaming it. But, honestly that’s what happened. 

Things got busy. Things were more important. And I simply ran out of time and motivation.

But, just because life happened, doesn’t mean I want to give up. After much thought, I don’t want to just quit. But, I also don’t want to stress myself out over writing. I think maybe I set my goal to high. Sometimes that happens I guess. And I think sometimes we learn the most when we fail at things.

One thing I have learned over the past six months is that when you start to force yourself to do something, you lose the joy you had in doing it. And I don’t want to lose the joy I feel when I write. That is kind of defeating its purpose I think. 

And so, I will write when I have something to say (and the time). I think I will find more joy in that, rather than racking my brain every day trying to find something to write about, and then being frustrated when I can’t think of anything. 

So, welcome 2013. I have high hopes for you and I am excited to see what you hold. 

Peace and Blessings


A Total Fail….

Sometimes they happen. 

And tonight? Well, tonight has turned into a general total fail. What started off as a concerted effort to have a productive, enjoyable evening went south in a hurry.

It all started in Walmart. And let’s just say, I had the most interesting hour in Walmart ever. And by the end of it, my jolly attitude, was a little more grinchy. 

But, hey, it was going to get better right? Wrong.

Baking usually perks me right up, so I planned on working on part of the gifts that I want to give people: some simple holiday-esque candies. And when I say simple, I mean all I had to do was put a Hershey kiss on a pretzel, heat it up, and top it off with an m&m. Simple enough? I thought so too… 

This is what was supposed to happen:

Image(Picture found HERE)

And here is I did:

ImageAnd that my friends, is what I call a total Pinterest fail. Talk about kicking a girl while she’s down….

So, after two fairly discouraging experiences within an hour of each other, my motivation is shot. My attempts at baking away my grinch-like attitude have sufficiently failed. So, I am done for the night. 

Hopefully I will regain some motivation (and have more success) tomorrow.

Peace and Blessings (and better luck than me)


Time To Get Organized…

It happens to me every once in awhile. 

And it usually happens at quite possibly the most inconvenient times. But, now and then, I just get the urge to organize everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. My apartment. My office. My schedule. My thoughts. My life.

Today was one of those days. And, per usual, it is very inconvenient timing. There is plenty to do during the working hours. While all of the students here are studying away, I am wrapping up the semester for work. 

But, this morning I walked into my office and checked my email like usual. And then got the urge. And so began a morning of organizing my entire office. Piles of random papers became stacks. Stacks went into their coordinating binders. Things were recycled. Things were pitched. And things were found.

Overall, I would say it was a very productive morning. The productivity did come at the expense of getting other things done. But, I have plenty of time for them. Which means that I will probably be much more content in my office for the remainder of the semester. Which is a bonus.

My morning of organization carried over into the afternoon. Except I started organizing my apartment. And my thoughts. Which has been slightly less productive due to unforeseen circumstances. But, I can see some progress, which is great.

While these days are kind of a pain, they are also so beneficial. I am generally a very organized person. But, on days like these I become some crazy, extra organized version of myself that likes to stick around until everything is “perfect.”

So, with the help of a little boost in motivation, good music, and some step ladders, I have had a pretty good day of figuring things out. Except life….which, who does have life completely figured out? 

Well my little break time is over. Time to get back to work.

Peace and Blessings

On Writer’s Block…

Or something like that.

As you may have noticed posts have been few and far between the past few weeks; I know I certainly have. 

I can attribute this to a few different things:

  1. Life has been busy. By the time I get done with a day’s work, sometimes I am just to wore out to write.
  2. Nothing too grand or exciting has happened. 
  3. Because nothing too exciting has happened, finding positive things to post has been exceedingly difficult. 
  4. I feel like I hit a peak a few weeks ago when I posted about my grandfather, and since then I feel like nothing I have written has been “as good.”

So, literally, on most days I have sat and stared at my computer screen and either, A). wrote nothing, or, B). wrote something, read it, and proceeded to delete it.

This is the reality of how I feel:

Image(Photo Credit)

For the writer’s out there, you know what I mean. Writer’s Block is so discouraging. You try and try, and then…nothing. It is quite possibly one of the biggest de-motivators out there. 

So, while I was not discouraged to the point of quitting, I was discouraged enough to not work through it. Sometimes, I think a break is just necessary for redefining things. Like why am I writing? And was the original goal reasonable? I don’t know the answers to those questions yet…and the answers might redefine the parameters of my goal.

But today, at least today I could write about not writing. And that makes me feel the slightest bit better.

Here’s to the hope that inspiration returns.

Peace and Blessings.


We Clean Up Good…

That title makes me cringe a little bit (I think it’s the inner English major coming out…)

But seriously, my family does clean up good.

This week can simply be described by having a complete lack of time for anything. But finally this afternoon I have had a slight change of pace. 

I have spent the afternoon making a delicious snack for the Staff Holiday Party and listening to Christmas music. Which has convinced me that you basically cannot beat Burl Ives when it comes to Christmas Tunes. I mean seriously, he is a classic.

While my dip has been baking I got the chance to edit a few more of my family pictures. And seriously…we look pretty good. I even have a few to share with you all.

ImageMy not-so-little brother.

ImageMy beautiful mom.

ImageMy awesome dad.

ImageAnd me.

And there you have it. My happy, little family. Personally, I still think I like some of the other sillier photos better. But, these are good too.

I am enjoying have a nice, fancy camera. It definitely makes taking pictures a little more fun.

Wishing you a very happy weekend.

Peace and Blessings






Last week I had the pleasure of going home for the first time in 6 months. Which seems like a really long time, except I had seen the various members of my family sporadically throughout that time.

One thing my mom asked us to do was take some pictures for Christmas cards and what not. I was excited, because that meant that I got to use my new camera.

I got plenty of great pictures of each of family members. But those are not quite as good as the really silly ones that I got of us.

Check them out:






ImageIf you didn’t get a laugh out of those…well I am not sure what’s wrong with you. As you can see, it is definitely the boys who are the jokesters of this family. 

While I love the pictures of us all looking nice and like a happy family…I like these even more. This is the reality of our family; a silly, fun, and often goofy family. And these pictures are so typical of what life is like. And while maybe everything isn’t always perfect, it is always entertaining. And I think that is a pretty cool thing.

Someday maybe I will post some of the “nicer” pictures. But for now, these will have to do.

Peace and Blessings. 


The Search…

I can almost guarantee that it is not what you are thinking it is.

There has been one thing that has been a topic of conversation everyday since I have been home in the Swingle household. You probably think it is what we are thankful for, or work, or life. And yes, all of those things have been discussed. 

But, none of them have been talked about quite as much as…..the Twinkie. Yes, the Twinkie. Not because any of us (except maybe E) are big fans, but because it is an interesting topic. I guess…

The conversation really wasn’t centered around Hostess going out of business, or how much we wanted a Twinkie. Mostly it was centered around this list that gave the top Twinkie references in pop culture. And after much debate, our family decided the list was wrong. The list should have chosen this as the winner (I will warn you there is some language in the video):

Much like Tallahassee, I myself went on a search for Twinkies. And I too came up empty handed; I couldn’t find “los submarinos” anywhere. All I found were snow balls…..and the generic brand of Twinkies, which were purchased. And honestly, they just weren’t that great.

It is times like this, when our family has silly debates over things that don’t matter. Or I go on a pointless hunt for Twinkies that I realize Zombieland has a good point.

We should all just enjoy the little things.

Peace and Blessings